Fresh, quality produce is critical to retail buyers and shoppers: 72% of shoppers choose their grocery store based on the quality of the produce aisle. Shoppers spend a third more in the produce department when they’re delighted by the quality and freshness of fresh items.

Yet today, growers and shippers often have no visibility into the freshness and quality of their produce once it’s left their warehouse. Sales data is received after the fact, leaving little time to defend or grow distribution, or collaborate with retail buyers.  

Now you can monitor how your product performs from field to store shelf, and pinpoint lost days of freshness and quality. With HarvestMark Insights, you have fact-driven analysis to retain and capture distribution, achieve price premiums, increase sales, and earn greater customer loyalty.

Our SolutionHarvestMark Insights integrates data across your supply chain to help you optimize freshness and quality. Role-based dashboards and alerts transform data into actionable insights.


72% of shoppers choose their retail store based on the quality of the produce.


- FMI research

Farm to shelf visibility of your freshness and quality.

Root Cause
Identify true drivers of freshness and quality.

Take Action
Don’t get buried in data - get actionable insights

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