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HarvestMark PTI for Automated Line Packing:

PTI compliance without sacrificing line speed

HarvestMark PTI for automated line packing allows you to get PTI compliant without interrupting your operation or reconfiguring your line. Our system exceeds speed requirements for the highest volume lines with unmatched accuracy and reliability. In head-to-head tests, the world’s largest packing operations chose HarvestMark.


PTI compliance without sacrificing line speed or modifying your operations

  • Powered by cutting-edge machine vision, our system recognizes box markings on side, top, or front panels without slowing down the packing line.
  • Our solution is tailored to run as fast as your line operates.
  • Our technology is easy to integrate, has a small footprint, and can switch between different commodities or lots in seconds.
  • Over 400 growers and shippers rely on HarvestMark for their traceability needs. Our solutions are in production daily at the world’s most demanding fresh fruit operations, including Sun Pacific and Calavo.

Unparalleled accuracy in application and reporting

  • Our software is able to recognize subtle differences in box design and artwork without stopping the carton.
  • HarvestMark’s unique vision system delivers sharper images for more accurate and faster processing.
  • Trace-back, trace-forward, and production data are securely hosted on the HarvestMark platform, delivering accurate on-demand supply chain reporting.

The best value with no hidden fees

  • Lowest total cost of ownership. HarvestMark's solution doesn't require complex or time-consuming set up, a special conveyor change, or expensive integration.
  • Our pricing structure is simple and upfront, support is included.


Watch a video about how our solution works in the world’s most demanding pack houses.

View the data sheet: PTI for Automated Line Pack Workflows (PDF)

Each year we pack approximately 30 percent of the California avocado crop...We needed a solution that met our volume requirements, and a provider that could offer consistent, reliable support.

- Mike Browne
VP, Fresh Operations at Calavo

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