The Do's and Don'ts of a Food Recall

Anyone in the food industry knows recalls or withdrawals are an inevitable food safety measure to keep the public safe. Being able to locate a food product anywhere in the supply chain should be considered a best practice for everyday business, not just something to think about in an emergency event. Staying proactive and vigilant in establishing business processes for recall preparedness can mean a faster, more efficient approach to isolating recalled product.


HarvestMark Awarded Patent for Enhancing Quality Management of Perishables

The new patent, U.S. Patent No. 8,825,516, covers a method for making a quality assessment of a product – for example in a Distribution Center or grocery store – and associating that assessment with information from a traceability code on the product packaging. The invention covered by this patent has been incorporated into a quality management solution that has conducted hundreds of thousands of produce inspections to date, worldwide.


HarvestMark partners with Fox Packaging

HarvestMark Inc. — which has the HarvestMark traceability system, has announced a partnership with Fox Packaging to bring consumer engagement tools to mesh bags.


Fox Packaging and HarvestMark Partner to Bring Enhanced Shopper Engagement to Produce Bags

HarvestMark Inc., provider of HarvestMark, the industry-leading fresh food insights and traceability platform, announced today a partnership with Fox Packaging, a family-owned and operated company that is the leading manufacturer of mesh bag solutions for produce suppliers.


Food Forum: Mass merchandising Goliath meets its David

David knew he could not slay Goliath with brute force or wielding a sword more skillfully—he changed the rules of the game. Similarly, mass personalization creates the opportunity for smaller retailers to compete on different terms: Focus more accurately on what groups of their customers are looking for, merchandise what they want and reach out to them to help them find it.


Food Forum: Mass merchandising Goliath meets its David

David knew he could not slay Goliath with brute force or wielding a sword more skillfully—he changed the rules of the game. Similarly, mass personalization creates the opportunity for smaller retailers to compete on different terms: Focus more accurately on what groups of their customers are looking for, merchandise what they want and reach out to them to help them find it.


Server Farm to Table

Traceability addresses a problem of modernity: the invisibility of food infrastructure and its effects. In a small farming village, a family may know where all of their food comes from because the possibilities are small: they either produced it themselves, or traded it with other townspeople. Only after refrigeration, new modes of transportation, and new agricultural processes were developed did the origins of our food become opaque. Even then, many transactions occurred without any records, as people relied on handshakes and interpersonal relationships.


Big data management: the key towards efficiency and personalisation

When applied to the produce industry, Big Data can be used, for example, to create mathematical algorithms able to predict what the product’s quality will be every day after shipping, taking into account variables such as temperature or packaging. “Once you have a mathematical model of your produce, you can measure the potential effect of changes in the supply chain.


10 apps to green your business in 2014

The intention of this list is slightly different: to highlight certain types of application categories that are likely to become more active during 2014, and which have the potential to emerge as increasingly valuable research and procurement tools.


Ciruli Brothers Selects HarvestMark to Power PTI Compliance

The industry-leading fresh food insights and traceability platform, announced today that Ciruli Brothers, LLC, a third generation grower-shipper and one of the country's leading mango distributors, has selected HarvestMark for its Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) compliance needs.


HarvestMark Appoints Charlie Piper Chief Executive Officer

The appointment of Mr. Piper, a proven CEO and retail executive, signals the Company’s focus on delivering innovative solutions to retailers and food brands.


HarvestMark Brings High Fidelity to Shopper Insights

HarvestMark Insights is a revolution in high fidelity market research. Questions about flavor, shelf life, packaging, customer satisfaction, or what's driving repurchase can be asked of very specific groups of shoppers – filtered by product affinity and dietary preferences.  Marketers can now more easily understand how customers who want gluten free diets, or low salt, or have scanned cereal bars in a Walmart store for example, perceive their products.


Retailer PTI Mandates Accelerate Pace of Adoption

“We have reached a tipping point where the majority of the industry is getting behind PTI”. “The PTI provides more than just a platform for managing recalls.  Whole chain traceability has the potential to provide insights into the supply chain that lead to greater efficiencies, reduced waste, and faster decision making.”


Amping up fresh produce labeling flexibility

Cool Pak LLC, Oxnard, CA, specializes in the design, development, manufacturing, labeling, and distribution of customized packaging solutions for fresh fruit and vegetable products.


Apps for Making Healthy Food Choices

An app that makes it easy to compare similar foods and make the best choices possible.


Putting Food Traceability at Consumers’ Fingertips

This is not the future of food traceability, this is what is possible today and what shoppers will increasingly be able to do with any item in the grocery store.


Tanimura & Antle Strengthens its Category Leadership Position with HarvestMark Insights

Tanimura & Antle, the pioneering family-owned leafy greens grower, has selected HarvestMark to support its next generation category management strategy.


Raley’s Selects HarvestMark for Its Distribution Center Quality Management Solution

Innovative Retailer Adopts Technology that Supports its Quality and Freshness Promise


US: HarvestMark extoll benefits of feedback at Watermelon convention

“Watermelons have continued to be a leading category of adoption for shopper engagement and traceability. The HarvestMark platform allows the tracking and tracing of produce all the way down to the consumer level. Because the platform can be used to engage with consumers and gather feedback, the service has been popular with watermelon growers.


Traceability: Tracking from Farm to Fork

At one time, respected brand names were all the assurance the buying public needed. This is no longer the case. Consumers today routinely value reviews from people like themselves over the carefully crafted advertising copy from manufacturers. Skepticism has replaced trust, and an increasing number of people want to know exactly where their food comes from and how it was grown or raised. The new term for this is traceability.


Will Grocery Stores Go the Way of Video Stores?

Think about the last time you went into a grocery store and saw an empty table or shelf. Tough, right? That's because it virtually never happens in this country. American shoppers have become accustomed to finding whatever food item they want when they go to the grocery store—and plenty of it, too. That expectation, which U.S. shoppers have only really had for the last few decades, plays a big role in the country's growing food waste problem...


Interacting with consumers could be big in 2013

As 2012 draws to a close, produce suppliers and retailers are realizing how important it is to interact with consumers. While food safety issues have drawn attention to the need for enhanced traceability, focusing on tracking produce affords opportunities to connect with consumers. This focus on reaching out to consumers could be big in the coming year.


Food Traceability Apps

As we become more involved in the foods we eat and where they come from, wouldn't it make sense to merge this sensibility with the one piece of technology that we carry with us everywhere? We're on our phones for much of the day, and have them within close proximity awake and asleep, we depend on them to keep us up to date with the world within and outside of our lives, and use it to document our experiences.


Alpine Fresh Drives New Mobile Marketing Program with HarvestMark Connect

Leading grower/shipper of asparagus and berries expands use of HarvestMark platform to drive sales and brand loyalty


Driscoll’s Adopts HarvestMark Insights as Part of its Strategy to Delight Berry Consumers Every Day

New tools and analytics help Driscoll’s integrate data from key points in its supply chain to optimize quality and freshness across the Americas


HarvestMark Team Unveils HarvestMark 2013 with New Tools and Analytics to Drive Loyalty and Sales

Release features new HarvestMark Insights and HarvestMark Connect to give growers and shippers unprecedented supply chain visibility and shopper engagement


Harvesting success

There are various types of food traceability labeling. All consist of an alpha numeric code that can be printed on labels for individual items, cases or even pallets. According to HarvestMark, more than two billion produce packages have been enabled with its codes to speed response to suspected recall events and deliver on-demand product information throughout the supply chain.


Retail Industry Veteran Joins HarvestMark Team as Vice President of Retail Sales

Kevin Shiplett joins the leading food traceability and insights team to bring new solutions to grocery retailers


HarvestMark Awarded Patent for Item-Level Traceability of Clamshell Containers

Creator of HarvestMark food traceability and insights platform receives 13th patent related to improving fresh food supply chain


HarvestMark Helps Track Food

An app called HarvestMark helps you track where your food came from before it reaches the grocery store. Kim Tere reports.


HarvestMark Receives $24 Million in Funding for Leading Food Traceability Solution

HarvestMark's deep analytics and unprecedented visibility empower food suppliers to optimize the supply chain, and allow them to connect directly with shoppers, building brand trust and loyalty.


Food-tracking app maker HarvestMark raises $24M

HarvestMark can be used by shoppers on smartphones to determine whether their food is fresh and safe, where it was grown and connect directly with the farmers who produce their food. HarvestMark said the HarvestMark app appeared on about 3 billion food packages in the most recent year.


HarvestMark Receives $24 Million in Funding for Leading Food Traceability Solution

HarvestMark Inc., provider of HarvestMark, the industry-leading fresh food traceability and insights platform, today announced the closing of a $24 million Series D growth round.


McDaniel Fruit Company Selects HarvestMark for Compliance with the Produce Traceability Initiative

HarvestMark, Inc., provider of the industry-leading HarvestMark fresh food traceability and supply chain insights platform, announced that McDaniel Fruit Company has selected the company’s HarvestMark PTI solution to achieve compliance with the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI). The California-based McDaniel Fruit Company has deployed the HarvestMark PTI solution across its Linda-Vista brand of avocados.


SunFed Launches New Line of Organic Melons with HarvestMark® Traceability

Solution Provides Customers with Information on Origin and Safety of itsOrganic Honeydew, Cantaloupe, and Seedless Watermelon


Calavo Selects HarvestMark PTI for Whole Chain Traceability

Leading Avocado Grower/Shipper Deploys HarvestMark Food Traceability Solution Across Their Operations, Including Automated Packing Lines and Hand Pack Facilities


Reggie Griffin, Former Kroger Executive, Joins HarvestMark Advisory Board

Former Kroger Corporate VP, Produce and Floral, Brings 42-years of Retail Insight to Team


Former DemandTec Executive Joins the HarvestMark Team to Lead Sales

Michael Bromme Brings Retail Industry Expertise to HarvestMark Inc. as SVP, Sales


HarvestMark QR Codes Lead to Food Safety Information

Sweet Mini Peppers Are Traced Back to the Farm Where They Were Grown Using HarvestMark


HarvestMark Featured Among Mobile Apps for Supermarket Shoppers

Make Healthier Choices at the Grocery Store Using Mobile Apps Including HarvestMark


JemD Farms Uses HarvestMark PTI Solution for Supply Chain Visibility

Greenhouse Produce Company Uses HarvestMark Platform for PTI Compliance and Hybrid Pallet Tag Production


JemD Farms Mejora Visibilidad en la Cadena de Abastecimiento con las Herramientas Inteligentes de Negocio de HarvestMark

Productor/distribuidor de invernadero líder en Norte América incrementa visibilidad en la producción, generando mejores hallazgos clave para ventas y operaciones


JemD Farms Improves Supply Chain Visibility with HarvestMark Business Intelligence Tools

Leading North American Greenhouse Grower/Shipper Increases Visibility into Production, Creating Better Insights for Sales and Operations


A Top Chef Tells How He Uses HarvestMark Traceability

Jason Tilmann of Triomphe Offers Tips for Selecting a Food Vendor


Sun Pacific Selects HarvestMark for PTI Compliance Across its Operation, Including High Speed Packing Lines

Newest Release of HarvestMark PTI Adds Vision System and Labeling Modules for Cost Effective, Industrial Support of Automated Packing Facilities


An App for Food Safety

The HarvestMark Food Traceability App Connects Shoppers to the Farm


Cantaloupes from Sun America to Become HarvestMark Traceable

Shoppers Will Be Able to Trace Cantaloupe from Sun America to Find Out Where and How Each Melon Was Grown


Growers/Shippers Rely on HarvestMark for PTI

HarvestMark Helps Companies Become Compliant as the Produce Traceability Initiative Deadline Approaches


Sun America Imports, LLC Selects HarvestMark® for Cantaloupe Traceability

Florida Importer is Latest to Implement HarvestMark Item-Level Traceability


Getting to Know Traceability

Food Traceability is Becoming More Popular as Consumers Increasing Want to Know Where Their Food Comes From


HarvestMark® Food Traceability App Puts Inside Information Into the Consumer’s Hands

Shoppers Can Use Groundbreaking App to Determine Food Source, Freshness, and Safety Status


More Than 200 Growers and Shippers Achieve PTI Compliance with HarvestMark®

Produce Traceability Initiative Compliance Gains Momentum with Proven, Cost-Effective Solution


HarvestMark de México and GS1 México Partner to Advance Produce Traceability for Mexican Grower/Shippers and Exporters

Organizations Create GS1 Fresh Produce Traceability Center of Excellence


Frontera Expands Traceability Program with HarvestMark Solutions

Fresh Produce Supplier Adds Item-Level Traceability on Pineapple and Makes Use of HarvestMark's DailyShopper Service


Frontera Produce Selects HarvestMark for Pineapple Traceability

Frontera Will Use HarvestMark Platform to Communicate with Consumers and Enhance Market-Leading Quality, Safety, and Freshness Programs


Astin Farms Selects HarvestMark® Traceability Solution for PTI Compliance

Florida Strawberry Operation is Latest to Implement HarvestMark PTI


Organic Poultry Producer to Implement HarvestMark's Traceability System

Coleman Natural Foods chicken will become traceable at the item level


AMHPAC and HarvestMark de México Accelerate Traceability Leadership for Mexican Hothouse and Shade House Growers

45 Growers in Mexican Agriculture Association Adopt HarvestMark PTIto Meet Produce Traceability Requirements


AMHPAC y HarvestMark de México promueven liderazgo en rastreabilidad para los productores de invernadero y casa sombra

45 Agricultores de la Asociación Mexicana de Horticultura Protegida adoptan HarvestMark PTIpara cumplir con los requerimientos de rastreabilidad de frutas y verduras


HarvestMark App Expands to Include Mobile Marketing with QR Codes

Fresh Food Traceability Now Available in the Grocery Aisle for Android and iPhone


Petaluma Poultry Makes Its Chicken Traceable with HarvestMark

Organic Chicken Producer Uses HarvestMark's Technology to Empower Shoppers


Coleman Natural Launches HarvestMark Traceability on its Petaluma Poultry Products

Coleman Natural Foods is First National Poultry Brand to Enable Shoppers to Connect to the Farm


Peach Grower Selects HarvestMark Traceability

Lane Southern Orchards will use the HarvestMark platform for PTI compliance


HarvestMark Traceability Solution Selected by Lane Southern Orchards

Peach Farming Operation is Latest to Implement HarvestMark for PTI Compliance Programs


HarvestMark Touts Analytical Services and New Pricing Model

DailyShopper service and new annual fees for PTI solutions are showcased at United Fresh 2011


DailyShopper Program Gets Noticed at United Fresh

HarvestMark's DailyShopper program and new PTI pricing were featured in a United Fresh Convention news roundup


Curry & Company Selects HarvestMark as their Traceability Platform

HarvestMark Solution to Help Curry & Company Engage Consumers and Comply with the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI)


HarvestMark Granted Patent on Cost-Effective Methods to Capture Data for Food Traceability

Creator of HarvestMark Food Traceability Granted Patent for Produce Solutions


HarvestMark Brings Food Tracing Technology to Salinas

New HarvestMark office opened in Monterey County, California


Going from Seed to Supermarket with HarvestMark Traceability

Marketplace features HarvestMark as it tracks the food supply chain for 2,500 farms, including Driscoll's


Two New HarvestMark Offices Open to Support Customer Growth

HarvestMark Opens New Office in Salinas, California and Forms HarvestMark de Mexico Subsidiary


La Rastreabilidad HarvestMark Hace del Cumplimiento de la PTI Algo Aún Más Accesible

Confiable y Probado Proveedor de Soluciones de Rastreabilidad Marca un Precedente con su Cliente #200, con el Nuevo Modelo de Precio de la Iniciativa de Rastreabilidad de Frutas y Vegetales (PTI) para Agricultores/Distribuidores


HarvestMark Abre Dos Nuevas Oficinas para Apoyar el Crecimiento de Clientes

HarvestMark abre nueva oficina en Salinas, California y forma la subsidiaria HarvestMark de México


HarvestMark Customer Doubles Blueberry Volume

Blueberry grower Westlake Producer uses HarvestMark technology to give customers information about its produce


Tracking Produce from Field to Fork

The BBC examines HarvestMark's traceability technology, which allows consumers to trace food back to the farm where it was grown


Produce Industry Leader Dan’l Mackey Almy Joins HarvestMark Advisory Board

Marketing Veteran to Advise on Traceability Offering for HarvestMark Produce Customers


HarvestMark to Benefit from Food Safety Legislation

HarvestMark techologies to help companies meet government mandate for food traceability


HarvestMark Lets Consumers Trace Food Paths

Kroger uses HarvestMark technology to help consumers find out where their food came from


HarvestMark® Traceability Makes PTI Compliance Even More Affordable

Trusted and Proven Provider of Traceability Solutions Marks 200th Customer Milestone with New Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) Pricing Model for Growers/Shippers


Traceability Rule Represents Big Adjustment for Food Industry

The Washington Post features HarvestMark and valued customer Sageland Farms


HarvestMark® Traceability Solution Selected by A.M.S. Exotic

HarvestMark Traceability to Begin Appearing on Premium Vegetables This Month


HarvestMark Knows Where Food Comes From

Try a HarvestMark scan and learn more about food labeling


Sunset Magazine Features HarvestMark

Security for your produce; trace it back to the farm


Codes Let Shoppers Trace Food Origins

Kroger brand produce is traceable with HarvestMark


AMHPAC Names HarvestMark® Solution Preferred Traceability Platform for Its Members

Mexican Agricultural Trade Association selects HarvestMark to Deliver Traceability Benefits to Its Membership; First Mutual Customer Agreement Signed at PMA Fresh Summit


HarvestMark iPhone App Lets Shoppers Track Produce

New Tracking System for Kroger Customers


HarvestMark Releases DailyShopper Quality Measuring System

The HarvestMark DailyShopper service provides customers with product age and quality information


John Anderson to Lead 2010-2011 PMA FIT Board of Directors

HarvestMark President and CEO J. Scott Carr joins the board of directors of the Produce Marketing Association's Foundation for Industry Talent


HarvestMark® Launches DailyShopper™ Service to Monitor Product Age and Quality on Shelf

Groundbreaking data service delivers unprecedented quality and freshness insights


HarvestMark® Traceability Solution Selected by One of the Leading Asparagus Brands

HarvestMark Traceability to Begin Appearing on Alpine Fresh Asparagus This Month


Traceable Food Arrives in Cincinnati

Consumers Can Now Trace Their Produce Back to the Source Directly from the Grocery Aisle


Food Safety iPhone Apps: HarvestMark

You probably already use your iPhone to get directions, play music, or look up movie times, but did you know you could use it to track your food from farm to fork?


GPS Food

KPTV's Better Portland Show Features HarvestMark


HarvestMark® Expands Into Citrus and Tropical Produce Categories

Leading grower/shipper Nico Commodityes selects HarvestMark for its Mexican, Brazilian, Peruvian and Costa Rican production


HarvestMark Featured in The Oregonian

For locavores who want to get even closer to their food there's a new iPhone app called HarvestMark, which offers a free and easy way to trace food right at the market.


The HarvestMark® System Achieved Major Milestones in 2009

Solution adopted by more than 100 brands to bring traceability to over a billion produce items and cases


HarvestMark Arrives in Portland Produce Aisles

New system helps shoppers follow their fresh fruits and veggies back to the farm


HarvestMark PTI Solution Gains Momentum

PTI implementation continues steady growth despite milestone adjustment; Grower/shippers embrace HarvestMark PTI as the solution of choice to meet industry goals


Botsford & Goodfellow Launches Traceability Initiative with HarvestMark®

Oregon-based produce shipper employs both PTI and item-level traceability for its popular Hermiston watermelons


Tomatoes Track and Trace

The bad guys are more brazen than ever, says one informed observer. So brand-protection solutions are receiving more attention than ever before.


Modern Farms Selects HarvestMark® for PTI Compliance

Leading mushroom grower/shipper to deploy HarvestMark PTI to simplify data management and automatically synch information across packing locations


More than 30 Companies Join the HarvestMark® Partner Network

Alliance with leading package and label experts from the U.S., Mexico, and Asia extends HarvestMark availability across a wide range of packaging styles and packing processes


Progressive Grocer (HM)

FRESH FOOD: Produce: Tracking the Transition to Traceability (HM)


Gearing Up for PTI

It's only a matter of time until traceability is a must


Food Safety Magazine

Label Converters Stand Behind HarvestMark Traceability


Westlake Produce Co. Offers More Traceability

Westlake Produce Co., Winter Haven, Fla., is using Trimble, Sunnyvale,  CA.-based HarvestMark Inc.'s HarvestMark on its Always Fresh-brand4 blueberries and watermelons this spring.


Canadian Greenhouse Produce Leaders Select 'HarvestMark'

HarvestMark Inc. announced Feb. 2 that its "HarvestMark" fresh food traceability solution was selected by leading Ontario greenhouse produce ship...


Ontario Greenhouse Shippers Sign On with HarvestMark

LEAMINGTON, Ontario - Two Canadian greenhouse produce shippers are using HarvestMark for traceability for the first time this year. Jem-D Intern...


Canadian Greenhouse Produce Leaders Select HarvestMark®

Huron Produce and Jem-D International to deploy HarvestMark for PTI-compliant and item-level traceability initiatives


HarvestMark Awarded Key Traceability Patent

Fresh food traceability leader receives patent for scalable product identification and authentication


HarvestMark Expands in Mexico

HarvestMark Inc., Trimble, Sunnyvale, CA., is expanding its sales and support team in Mexico through a new relationship with AgroSupport of Mexico.


HarvestMark Expands HarvestMark Operations in Mexico

New packaging relationships, and in-country sales and support team through partnership with AgroSupport of Mexico, brings traceability resources to Mexican grower/shippers.


Food Safety is Top-of-Mind at SEFVC

As is increasingly the case when members of the produce industry gather, food safety was top-of-mind at the 12th annual Southeastern Regional Fruit and Vegetable Conference, held Jan. 7-10 at the Savannah International Trade and Convention Center.


Southeast Convention Focuses on Food Safety

Food safety remained a top issue at the 2010 Southeast Regional Fruit and Vegetable Conference on Jan. 7-10, which drew upon some of the biggest industry names in food safety.


Traceability Initiatives, Solutions Gain Ground

After food safety concerns topped the list of fresh produce industry news stories for 2007 and the Salmonella Saintpaul outbreak incorrectly linked to tomatoes ranked as the No. 1 story of 2008, the produce industry should have seen this one coming.


Produce Merchandising

Tracing Food Safety


Track Your Food: Do You Know Where Your Food Comes From?

Widespread food recalls and illnesses traced to peanut butter, tomatoes, and spinach have savvy consumers demanding to know where their food comes from. More companies are making it easier to find out. Here's a look at some of the newest ways to trace your food to its source:


Food Safety Fears Fuel Traceability Options

Amidst an environment where outbreaks of food-related illnesses seem to be making headlines with increasing regularity, and one in which consumers' trust in government and other institutions continues to plunge as the result of a shaken economy, food safety concerns are at an all-time high.


HarvestMark Receives Industry Accolades

Traceability leader recognized in Food Logistics' FL100; selected as a finalist for Red Herring global award


Van Groningen & Sons Delivers Traceable Watermelons using HarvestMark®

Grower of popular "Yosemite Fresh" label watermelons becomes first in California to deploy HarvestMark


HarvestMark Closes Series C Funding; Adds Produce and Supply Chain Veterans to Management Team

Company expands staff and invests in enhanced features of the HarvestMark solution for fresh food traceability


Watermelon association works on food safety image

Bar codes, personal digital assistants and satellite technology are among the new tools being used to help harvest oranges for the Sunny Cove Citrus packinghouse.


Watermelon Association Works on Food Safety Image

Bar codes, personal digital assistants and satellite technology are among the new tools being used to help harvest oranges for the Sunny Cove Citrus packinghouse.


Free iPhone App Lets Consumers Track Path of Produce

As the world turns, there's a crop of watermelons, cucumbers, tomatoes and squash ready to tell the story of their lives. And these little dramas are showing up on the small(er) screen.


Kroger Bows 'Quality You Can Trace' Pledge on Signature Fresh Salad Line

With produce traceability factoring as a front and center issue among grocery trading partners, the Kroger Co.'s new proprietary line of fresh salads includes new technology on the packaging that enables customers to learn where the produce was grown as part of grocery chain's "Quality You Can Trace" program.


New Kroger Salad Includes Traceability Technology

Kroger has teamed with HarvestMark, a food traceability system from HarvestMark, Trimble, Sunnyvale, CA., to offer customers easy access to information on where the retailer's new line of private label fresh salads was grown as part of Kroger's "Quality You Can Trace" program.


Shoppers Can Track Kroger Salad Origins

Bar codes that let shoppers trace their food back to the field


Kroger's Fresh Selections Salad Offers New Traceback Technology

The Kroger Co., Cincinnati, is using new traceability technology of on its line fresh salads that allows consumers to learn where the produce is grown.


New Product News: The Kroger Co.

New Product News: The Kroger Co. teamed with HarvestMark to launch Fresh Selections by Kroger, packaged salads that feature a 16-digit shopping code shoppers can enter at HarvestMark.com to learn more about the salad's origin, packing location, ingredients, date and time the product was packed.


Salad Origin Now Traceable with New Kroger Greens

Ever wondered where that lettuce leaf you're eating was grown?


Kroger Introduces COOL Labeling on Salad Packaging

Grocer's line of fresh salads uses new technology to give more information on package.


Kroger Makes Knowing Salad Origins Easier

CINCINNATI (Oct. 28) Kroger has partnered with HarvestMark to make it easier for customers to trace the origins of the store's produce.


Kroger's New Line of Fresh Salads Enables Customers to Learn the Origin of the Produce Through Exclusive Technology

Kroger's new line of its own fresh salads includes new technology on the packaging that enables customers to learn where the produce was grown as part of Kroger's "Quality You Can Trace" program


Tracking with Traceability

Speedy response, definitive answers and reducing collateral damage are all potential benefits of case-level traceability.


PMA Awards Recognize Packaging Innovation

The Produce Marketing Association is recognizing innovation in packaging at Fresh Summit with the third annual Impact Award: Excellence in Packaging program.


Royal Flavor Launches Sweet Mini Peppers with HarvestMark Traceability

Traceable bags of sweet mini peppers to hit retail stores for the 2009-2010 season


El Rosal Signs on to Deploy HarvestMark for PTI

Mexican grower to supply traceable cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes with HarvestMark case-level traceability solution


SunFed Launches Traceability Program with HarvestMark

Arizona-based full-service produce company selects HarvestMark for PTI and item- level traceability


HarvetMark Releases Free GTIN Assignment Tool for the Produce Industry

GTIN assignment tool-part of the HarvestMark® PTI offering-made available as grower-shippers complete and distribute their GTIN lists


From Farm to Fork

Bar codes that let shoppers trace their food back to the field DESPITE its preoccupation with hygiene, America's dirty secret is that it is one of the most dangerous places in the developed world to eat. Every year 76m Americans become ill because they have consumed contaminated food-a staggering 26,000 cases per 100,000 population.


HarvestMark Provides Free Traceability Tool

ANAHEIM, Calif. - Trimble, Sunnyvale, CA. - based HarvestMark Inc. wants to help shippers become compliant with the Produce Traceability Initiative and is providing an essential tool.


Startup's Stickers Identify the Source of Food

HarvestMark's HarvestMark program is helping several growers reach compliance with the Produce Traceability Initiative.


Growers Using Traceability

HarvestMark's HarvestMark program is helping several growers reach compliance with the Produce Traceability Initiative.


Produce with HarvestMark Traceability Passes Half a Billion

Traceability efforts in the produce industry continue to build momentum as the Obama Administration calls for national trace-back system to improve food safety


George Perry & Sons to Deliver Traceable Watermelons using HarvestMark®

California watermelon grower-shipper selects HarvestMark to enhance food safety and connect directly with buyers and consumers


PMA Expo Draws Record-Breaking Crowd

Over 19,000 attendees took part in the 60th Produce Marketing Association Fresh Summit Convention & Exposition in California


Leger & Son Selects HarvestMark Traceability for PTI Compliance

Southeast watermelon grower/shipper expands traceability program to comply with Produce Traceability Initiative


HarvestMark Advisory Board Adds Bruce Peterson To Roster

Some individuals seem to always attract the interest of many in the trade. So it goes with Bruce Peterson. We have covered his actions and record...


Bruce Peterson Joins HarvestMark Advisory Board

Produce industry veteran Bruce Peterson has joined HarvestMark, Inc.'s board of advisors, for which he will advise the traceability and authentic...


Bruce Peterson Joins HarvestMark Advisory Board

Former Wal-Mart Executive to drive policy and retail strategy for the HarvestMark® fresh food traceability business HarvestMark, Inc., the lead...


Bruce Peterson Joins Board of Traceability Specialist

The former perishables chief at Wal-Mart Stores Inc. has joined the advisory board of a traceability services provider HarvestMark. Bruce Peters...


Bruce Peterson Drops in at HarvestMark

The former Naturipe CEO and Wal-Mart executive has joined the group's board of advisers US Traceability and authentication specialist HarvestMa...


Produce Industry Veteran Bruce Peterson Joins HarvestMark Advisory Board

Former Wal-Mart Executive to drive policy and retail strategy for the HarvestMark fresh food traceability business


HarvestMark Launches HarvestMark® PTI for Easy Compliance with the Produce Traceability Initiative®

Already selected by more than 10 grower/shippers, the turnkey solution delivers standardized case-level traceability and more


Leading Table Grape Shippers Roll out Traceability with HarvestMark®

Divine Flavor/Grupo Alta, Pandol Bros., Stevco and Sun World to bring traceable grape clamshells to retail


HarvestMark Wins Red Herring 100 North America Award

Company selected out of 1,200 for its innovation in food traceability


PMA Names Packaging Award Winners

The Produce Marketing Association has announced the winners of its annual produce packaging awards.


HarvestMark Selected as a Finalist for Red Herring 100

Award honors this year's most promising private technology ventures in North America


Local Company Develops Food Tracking System

Local company develops food tracking system


Local Business News: Produce Tracking

Bakersfield agribusiness company Sun World International LLC announced Monday that it soon will roll out a system designed to help retailers and ...


Produce Traceability Demo Center a Hit at United Fresh

I mentioned in an earlier post, the Produce Traceability Demo Center was one of the coolest features of this year's United FreshMarketplace / Fre...


California Giant Berry Farms Launches Traceability Pilot Program

California Giant Berry Farms, a leading berry grower and shipper in the United States, will deploy HarvestMark solution for unit-level traceabili...


Sun World Backs HarvestMark for Traceability

Sun World International LLC plans to start using HarvestMark as its traceability platform starting this spring. The Bakersfield, Calif.-based co...


California Giant Berry Farms Launches Traceability Pilot Program®

California Giant Berry Farms, a leading berry grower and shipper in the United States, will deploy HarvestMark solution for unit-level traceability of strawberries this week.


Foxy Brand Strawberries Become Traceable with HarvestMark®

Camarillo Berry Farms - strawberry grower-shipper for the prominent Foxy brand - deploys item-level traceability to enhance food safety and bring new information to consumers


Sun World International to Implement Traceability across its Product Line with HarvestMark®

Vertically-integrated agribusiness company to meet and exceed PTI requirements


Borders Melon Joins HarvestMark's Ranks

Retail customers are looking for enhanced traceability, so Borders Melon Co.is delivering. The Edinburg, Texas-based company, which is one of th...


Report Offers 'Good-for-You' Approaches to Healthier Marketing

A report from Information Resources Inc. released Nov. 30 sheds light on consumer lifestyle trends amidst a sputtering economic recovery.


Where Does Your Produce Come From?

It's now easier to figure out exactly where your fresh produce comes from. KGO's Rob Artigo reports on a new tracking system developed by a Redwood City startup.


Leger & Son Traceability Program to Comply With PTI

Watermelon grower and shipper Leger & Son has expanded its traceability program to include the deployment of HarvestMark PTI from Trimble, Su...


Tracing Your Produce

Food poisoning is a big scare for a lot of people. Earlier this year there was a wide spread peanut recall nationally. Wegmans has recalled 58 it...


Melon 1 and Borders Melon now utilizing HarvestMark

CHARLESTON, SC -- Two of the larger firms in the watermelon industry - Borders Melon Co. Inc. and Melon 1 Inc. - are now utilizing HarvestMark In...


More Watermelon Shippers Adding HarvestMark Traceability Solution

Other watermelon growers using HarvestMark include Coosaw Farms, Grower's Select, Melon 1, Mouzin, Premier and Sun State. Today, nearly 150 milli...


Borders Melon Company and Borders Melons East Select HarvestMark®

Traceability solution gains strong momentum in the watermelon industry with the addition of North America's largest watermelon grower and distributor


East Coast's Largest Watermelon Shipper Picks HarvestMark®

Melon 1 to launch item-level traceability initiative for 2009 harvest season using HarvestMark


Former IFCO Executive, Randall Freeman, Joins HarvestMark as VP Sales

Industry leader from Del Monte and Tanimura and Antle to lead global sales initiatives for HarvestMark traceability solution


Bay Area Financial Executive to Join HarvestMark as VP of Finance and Operations

William Hoover to oversee finance and operations for the traceability leader


Labels Will Tell Buyers Where Their Produce Grew

The world's largest fresh berry producer expects to have labels on most of its berries by next year so consumers can locate the farm that grew them.


Companies Learn Traceability Details from PMA

(Jan. 19, 12:20 p.m.) MONTEREY, Calif. - If the produce industry doesn't come up with better ways to track its products and improve food safety, ...


Advances in Technology Go Beyond Traceability

(Jan. 19, Food Safety/Traceability Special Report) A variety of technology companies have jumped to the fore to claim they have the most complete...


Organic Alliance Launches Traceability Program with HarvestMark®

On-demand access to harvest data underscores rigorous food safety and growing practices and delivers new levels of information across the supply chain


Food for Thought

Your watermelons could be from Nicaragua. Those grapes? California. Many Americans want to know where their produce was grown, according to a new survey. You don't need to dig around to find out-just look for a HarvestMark sticker with a number code on fruits and veggies (found on many major brands). Enter the code on harvestmark.com to see your produce's pedigree.


Technology and Dusty Boots

TECHNOLOGY AND DUSTY BOOTS Innovation in Food Safety and California's Multi- Billion Dollar Agricultural Industry J. Scott Carr President and CEO ...


Food Traceability

Solution combines traceability, temperature monitoring


10 Questions Regarding TRACEABILITY

Sparked by multiple food-safety incidents over past years and fueled by this past summer's fiasco, traceback in produce has become an urgent yet co...


Del Campo Joins List of Firms to Utilize HarvestMark for Traceability

Del Campo Supreme has joined a growing number of firms in the industry to utilize "HarvestMark" from HarvestMark Inc. to reinforce food safety and ...


Tracking System Lets Consumers Get Information About Their Produce

The great tomato scare of 2008 lasted just a few weeks, but farmers in Florida and other states lost an estimated $200 million in sales before go...


Driscoll's Completes Key Milestones in Clamshell Traceability Program

HarvestMark completes supply chain and harvesting integration steps - paving the way for nationwide rollout of HarvestMark® for Driscoll's berries


Highland Corporation to Deliver Traceable Packaging Using HarvestMark®

Highland Corporation will offer the HarvestMark fresh food traceability solution from Trimble to enhance its packaging and label offerings


Del Campo Adopts HarvestMark® for Traceability of Tomatoes and Peppers

Leading Mexican tomato and pepper shipper to deploy HarvestMark ® from HarvestMark to reinforce food safety and deliver on-demand traceability to buyers and consumers


HarvestMark® Speeds Compliance with Produce Traceability Initiative Action Plan

HarvestMark from Trimble provides an easy-to-deploy case-level traceability solution that creates value for produce businesses


Announcing PakSense Ultra T3, powered by HarvestMark®

Farm to fork traceability, integrated temperature monitoring, and COOL capabilities in a single solution


Why Protecting Your Brand From Counterfeiting Matters

One of every 10 technology products sold is counterfeit, leading to an estimated direct loss over $100 billion a year.


Driscoll's Launching Item-Level Traceability on National Scale

Fresh berry supplier Driscoll's wants everyone in the distribution chain, including consumer end users, to be able to trace its berries products ...


Without a Trace

At the beginning of 2008, the produce industry was working to address shortcomings in its capacity to track produce through the supply chain and tr...


Delta Prepack Selects HarvestMark from HarvestMark to Deliver Instant Traceability and Marketing to Foodservice and Retail Customers

Leading tomato packer launches HarvestMark pilot program to enhance information delivery, customer service and food safety programs


HarvestMark Launches HarvestMark for Cases

Easy-to-deploy traceability solution delivers on-demand product information and quality alerts in response to food safety concerns and recalls


HarvestMark Secures $10 Million in Series B Funding

Investment will Fuel Expanded Deployment of Food Traceability and Brand Protection Solutions


Safety's Sake

Retailers, suppliers, trade associations and government agencies are working side-by-side to ensure the safety of the food supply.


Standardizing Produce Traceability

In the digital age, a marriage of industry and government requirements may be the answer to a complex issue - Stephanie Bloyd sbloyd@sosland.co...


PakSense and HarvestMark Partner to Integrate Traceability with Time and Temperature Monitoring.

LAS VEGAS-(May 5, 2008)-PakSense, Inc., an innovator in sensory solutions for packaging, and HarvestMark, Inc., a leader in unit-level brand securi...


Leger & Son to Use Per-item Traceback System

By Doug Ohlemeier (April 23, 3:30 p.m.) Southeast melon growershipper Leger & Son Inc., Cordele, Ga., has become the first fresh produce sh...


Grower to Deliver Traceable Watermelons to Southeast Stores

Leger & Son, a watermelon grower and distributor with farms in Georgia and Florida, will begin delivering watermelons that can be traced at the...


New Traceability Solution Attracts Key Suppliers

Driscoll's and Del Campo are to deploy HarvestMark's new fresh food traceability solution HarvestMark to reinforce food safety and meet traceabilit...


Smart's Light Still Burns Bright

Smart packaging thrives, with innovations that drive greater brand marketing and product communication, as well as enhance product quality and safety.


FRESH FOOD: Packaging/Traceability: What You See Is What You Get

Packaging trends have long been inherently linked to changing lifestyles and consumer preferences. But with more foods than ever being sourced ac...


Prime Time for HarvestMark's Food-tracing Technology

HarvestMark Inc. 203 Redwood Shores Parkway, Suite 620 Redwood City 866.768.7878 www.Trimble.com Employees: Fewer than 50 Funding: $10 mill...


Traceability: Giving Every Product a Unique Identity

Traceability creates a value-adding and differentiating opportunity for package printers who are willing to invest in the necessary capabilities.


Making Tracks: The Latest Traceability Efforts

Mar 1, 2008 12:00 PM, By JEFF WELLS BETWEEN THE SPINACH SCARE OF 2006 and last year's rash of meat recalls, recent history has made people think...


Internet System Tracks Produce from Field to Store

A new internet based tracking system will be able to track the tomato you put on your salad all the way back to the field it was grown in, when it was picked and by whom.


Do You Know Where Your Veggies Come From?

If you've ever wondered where exactly your fruits and vegetables come from, you may now be in luck.


New Traceability Technology for Fresh Produce

HarvestMark is an advanced tagging system that allows fresh produce such as vegetables and fruits to be traced back to its origins up until where the legume or fruit was picked.


FRESH FOOD: Produce: Tracking the Transition to Traceability

FRESH FOOD: Produce: Tracking the Transition to Traceability


HarvestMark Acquires Adding a Million More Shoppers to its Insights Solution

HarvestMark, Inc. announced today that it has acquired substantially all the assets of ShopWell Solutions, Inc. (ShopWell), the million shopper-strong personalized food information company.


Winner of United Fresh New Product Award for “Best in Food Safety Solution”

HarvestMark VoiceCode was recognized for its innovation and value to the industry.


Winner of the Red Herring Global 100 Award

HarvestMark has been selected as one of 100 companies to win the Red Herring Global 100, a prestigious award honoring the year's most promising private technology ventures from around the world.


Winner of Red Herring Top 100 North America

HarvestMark was selected as a winner of Red Herring Top 100 North America prestigious list honoring the year's most promising private technology ventures in North America


Winner of Food Logistics FL 100 Award

HarvestMark wins Food Logistics magazine's FL100 award for delivering solutions that support grocery and foodservice distributors and manufacturers reach their business goals.


Winner of PMA Impact Award for Food Safety

Innovative produce packaging designs recognized for impact on consumers